Our advocacy work includes:

  • National, state and local advocacy campaigns
  • Grassroots organizing
  • Land use and development campaigns

We work with people who want to deepen their impact through carefully targeted advocacy. Our clients seek highly personalized strategic guidance and data-driven campaign design and implementation. We help them craft a message that will resonate with decision-makers, develop a strong team, attract new supporters and stakeholders and implement the campaign tactics that will break through to make a difference.

From our work developing winning campaigns for labor unions, advocacy organizations, corporations and political candidates, we know that each campaign requires a nimble, tailored approach. But across every campaign, what remains constant is our combination of strategic expertise and tactical know-how, forged by decades of experience.


Our advocacy services include:

  • Conducting organizational assessments
  • Identifying advocacy goals
  • Directing campaign targeting and data analysis
  • Managing strategic, political and messaging research
  • Developing comprehensive, strategic, tactical advocacy campaign plans
  • Identifying stakeholders and targets – legislators, segments of the public – and crafting the best message and tactics to influence them
  • Providing support to launch and execute advocacy campaigns
  • Giving ongoing strategic guidance on campaign implementation
  • Managing advertising, direct communications, organizing, paid and earned media, digital communications and social media to help messaging break through
  • Developing metrics to measure and evaluate work
  • Providing ongoing assessments to evaluate progress and recommend necessary changes
  • Building and managing coalitions